In our Country Cameroon, Unemployment is a very big problem, The number keeps rising everyday, The number of youths looking for jobs are more than the jobs available.  For us to put an end to this, We must focus on building a new environment where youths can generate jobs. This made us to come up with our new program known as:

                      Create the future Campaign

Under this program we focus on empowering children with unique professional skills which would enable them in future to generate jobs for themselves.  We train children on the following: Cooking, Agriculture, I.T, Arts and more with the aim of creating a new generation of youths that can generate multiple job opportunities.  We currently have a yearly target to train and empower 500 children with unique skills. We invite you to join this amazing program and lets create a sustainable world. Bellow is our form, Be the first to Join our Campaign, You are free to help in anyway you can, Your little will make a great difference


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