Every year concerned international donors make it possible for children living in Buea to attend Jamadianle School. Without sponsorship these children would either be forgotten in large government classes, or they would not be able to attend school at all because their parents cannot afford basic requirements like food, books and uniforms. The United Action for Children (UAC) Child Sponsorship Program offers you a chance to make a meaningful difference in the life of a child. What are the conditions? The UAC Child Sponsorship Program was created in 2005. Since then, 176 children have benefitted from the program, and we aim to get sponsorship for another 50 young students for the school year 2015-2016. The program pairs a child with a sponsor parent who sponsors a child for a minimum of one year, through one of the three categories (see below) to attend Jamadianle. Following the first year, sponsors are requested to renew their sponsorship for subsequent years. A child will be selected by the school’s administration for sponsorship if one or more of the following circumstances apply:

  • only one parent takes care of the child,
  • one of the parents is chronically ill or disabled,
  • the parents have more than 6 children,
  • the child needs extra help because of health problems, learning disabilities etc.,
  • the parents have demonstrable economic problems,
  • the child is an orphan.

How does it really work when you decide to sponsor a child? In order to ensure the good development of the child, you can only choose to sponsor a child for a minimum of one school year. The first step is to choose the category of sponsorship you would like or are able to provide: AB or C as mentioned above.  Second, you should decide if you would rather donate your money monthly or as a one off donation. If you decide to transfer your money monthly, you should arrange with your bank an automatic transfer every month. However you choose to transfer your money, UAC will get in contact with you through email right before the end of the school year and ask you if you would either like to end or renew your sponsorship. The decision is yours but UAC will take care of contacting you in order to make sure that no money will be taken from you without your consent. Thirdly, for any category and any kind of transfer you decide, you will receive an annual update by mail including a picture, a drawing and the report book from your sponsored child. In the meantime, you are free to get in contact as much as you like with your sponsored child through the UAC sponsorship coordinator. You will also receive updates on your sponsored child’s development as well as the development of UAC at the end of each term of the school year. The procedure for sponsoring a child is easy to go through and UAC’s sponsorship program has been flourishing over the years, thanks to hundreds of sponsor parents who are themselves enjoying the adventure of offering a brighter future to a disadvantaged child.  For more information on how you can help a child, Feel free to use our form bellow

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